Others about Mahimas musik:

Mahima carries the spirit of the ancient wise women of the earth. Her humble grace is reflected in her presence when sharing her love through sacred song. As a guardian and carrier of a sacred crystal she has a simlar clarity and crystaline light. I can hear the ancestors of the nordic traditions sing through her with great joy and gratitude. /Kailash Kokopelli

I`m sure Your music will help people to meditate and You sing very nicely too! / Deva Premal

I meet beauty, strength, the Goddess within me – time stops – I am Love when I listen to Mahimas music / Ulrika Ajax

The music that comes through You touches the core of the Heart and brings the listener into a deep place of wonder. The sound blends with the light You carry and create a Healing Sound Light / Christa Faye Burka

You are seeking the Source of music / Mary of the Angels

If You want to listen to some of my songs You find them here:


I have made 5 Cd:s so far..
Hyllning till Pachamama (Moder Jord) 2005 – drum- song

Space of Grace 2007 drum-song, tibetan bowls and voice

FredsHymner 2008 – peacesongs to crystal bowls, recorded in a church 20% of profit to different peaceprojects

Mothers of Devotion 2009 – a mix of diffrent sounds like crystal bowls, drum, guitar, synthesizer and of course singing

Namaste 2011 – one track of 40 minutes with Indian tampura, tibetan bowl and voice – very meditative

Rhade Shyam 2010 – sanskrit mantras/bhajans together with Bhava Samadhi (Mahima, ”Gopala”-Mattias Hagman and Ove Andersson)

The Cd:s can be ordered through and are 160:- SEK each + shipping expences .
I also have given a song ”Time for change” to a charity CD – ”Artists For The Seventh Generation” - Project save the Earth - It can be order through me aswell for 110:- SEK +shipping expences. The whole profit of this Cd goes divided 50/50 to children with neuro damages and animals in need.

The music and especially the singing is what is most important to me – that´s where my longing lives, that´s where I feel my Soul… The singing has also been the cause of some very painful experiences in my life – like when the voice did´nt come (when I was going to sing solo in a microphone for the first time) och other times when I experienced not getting through- not beeing recieved… During a long time I pushed down my singing with Jantelagen (an old ”law” here in Sweden that says: don´t think that You are anything- don´t think You have anything to offer…) and other destructive thoughts and actions!  When I was pregnant with my first child a big change came from inside and I started to listen to my inner voice more…

But it took a couple of years and it requried that I moved from Stockholm to really let go of the old picture of me and have the courage to follow my longing to sing.

My wish and intention with my music is to bring the listeners into their inner world. To remind them about Love, simplicity and the importance of following the inner voice. Most of the songs that has come to me came as answers to questions I have had. To me it´s a great way to ”reach myself”.

My instruments all has a story of their own but what feels important to mention is that I see them as Music Medicine and that it´s a cooperation to me – we weave together…

The instrument on my path so far is a shamandrum, tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, northamerican doubleflute, tuning forks, rattles, bells, rainmaker. The drum helps me connect to the earth (Pachamama)and my inner rythm and the bowls helps me connect to the Universe – my inner and outer space..

The instrument has helped me to awaken memories – the first time I drummed it was like a roof opened up over my head and songs and melodies that I recognized came to me. Often I drum and a song takes form in the moment – it feels like a cooperation – but sometimes the drum ”decides”. It may sound strange to somebody that has not experienced something like it but for me the drum has a Spirit…

Much of my music is created in the moment – especially when I play the tibetan bowls. Often songs with no actual words comes with them - meditative songs and the sound from the bowls really help to set a relaxed space , it´s a feeling of dropping down into myself…’

I also have the crystal bowls and they bring in a total different space – the tones are more highfrequent and together with them a number of ”Peacesongs” has taken form. I have Peacemeditations in churches sometimes with them and I love that! I can see that the need to be with our inner stillness increases as the pulse in the outer inviroment goes faster and faster. To sing about peace is to get a state of being in our bodies that I think we all benefit from and gets us closer to where we really want to go here on Earth. Our sense of union grows when we sing together also!

My beloved crystal bowls I bought from and I recommend Imara´s bowls from the bottom of my heart!!! She handels the bowls and her business with a devoted energy that is a blessing to experience…

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