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Welcome I´m  Mahima.

My company is called Rythm of Wholeness and I inspire people/groups towards inner and outer growth.

The mainpart of my buissness is about sound, music and meditations. Music is the most important part and so far I have made 4 Cd:s. (Check under Music)

My experience in leading groups reaches back to -95 och for me these years has been like a long education in dealing with energies in the moment and to learn to trust my ability to lead the group in the moment.

I started with Yoga -95 during the pregnancy of my son and have kept that up since then more or less - instructing my own groups since -05.

I call it soft yoga and I integrated sound in some positions to help release tensions.

My interest in the healing power of Sound has grown deeper through educations and courses in the subject and my inner drawing towards shamanism has taken me both to educations and on journeys to South America.

For me a wholeness-view on our selfs and all around us is incredible important and in my futurevision we live according to old wise natives – we think 7 generations ahead…

During these years I have been blessed with 2 daughters- 2002 and 2006- and I want to express my deep gratitude over the possibilities beeing a Mother offers - growing in consciousness…

My wish is that we all will have the courage to find and share our inner gifts…

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